Little Nippers Club

New Life in the home

Your new infant pet is an important and exciting addition to your family. He or she will grow to be much loved companion and become a central part of your life. Whether a puppy, kitten or rabbit this is a time of joy and new beginnings, but also one of new responsibilities.

Preventing early problems

The growth rate of pets is phenomenal. In just a few weeks an animal is transformed from a helpless babe to a fully developed adult. Not surprising then, that tiny problems can soon magnify into dramatic and serious issues. Keeping an eye on early development can lead to detection of congenital abnormalities, diseases of growth and behaviour problems, reducing the likelihood of health worries later.

A good start

To give young animals the best start, enabling them to grow in safety and remain healthy and well-behaved, their development should be carefully monitored. No guarantee can be given that an animal will have a long and disease-free life, but our Little Nipper programme will help to identify or avoid many potential problems at an early stage.

The Little Nippers Club is dedicated to this cause. 

Little Nippers Programme

Each Little Nipper receives a series of thorough health checks, starting from the day you first acquire your pet. The visits include a succession of comprehensive advice sessions and a complete course of vaccination, giving your pet the ideal start in life. 

Our aim is to be with you at every step of your pet's development, from the time of purchase until he or she reaches adulthood.