Little Nippers Club - Kittens

A Complete Healthcare Programme for Kittens


Complete vaccination course.
Advice sessions.
Up to six health checks.
Free literature.
Discounts off pet food and worm/parasite treatments

Covers the first six months of life

Regular weight checks.

The weight of kittens is monitored throughout the programme to ensure that satisfactory growth targets are being achieved.

Education sessions include the latest knowledge on

  • Feeding - to ensure your cat's nutritional requirements are met.
  • Parasite control - worms, fleas and other little creatures.
  • Socialisation - to encourage a good cat/human relationship
  • Pet Health Insurance - to protect you from unexpected expense.
  • How to have a contented cat.
  • Grooming - techniques and available products.
  • Feeding and weight control as your pet grows older.
  • Dental care - looking after your cat's teeth.
  • Microchipping- -the benefits.
  • When to introduce your cat to the outside world.
  • Neutering and contraception - the pros and cons.
  • Boarding catteries - for when you are away.
  • Any unanswered questions you may have.
  • Any further queries you may have

Pre-op and post op health checks when you cat has its neutering operation.