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Grey tabby cat


Implantation of a microchip under the skin can help in the recovery of a pet if it becomes lost. Details are kept on a central computer for the animal's life. Most animal welfare societies and vets have microchip scanners and check lost animals routinely. Since April 2016 it has been compulsory for dogs over eight weeks of age to be microchipped.

Every week many pets are reunited with their owners because of their "chip". You should also ensure that cats and dogs wear a collar with your telephone number or other identification. Microchipping is essential if you plan to take your pet abroad.

Pet Travel Scheme

The law has changed to allow pets to be taken on holiday abroad without the need to go into quarantine on return.

Animals must be vaccinated against rabies and will need a "pet passport". We can make all the arrangements to satisfy the legal requirements so speak to us well in advance of your journey.


Kitten in bedPet care products

We always carry a variety of useful items, including shampoos, collars, leads, combs and brushes, vitamins, litter and litter trays, and many other products.

The boarding cattery at our Harborne site houses "The Cat Shop" Here you will find, not only a wider range of pet products, but also gifts, jewellery and stationery, all with a feline theme-so why not pay a visit.


Dog playing with ballGrooming, nail clipping

Keep an eye on your pet's nails. If they seem long they will need trimming to keep the feet comfortable and make walking easier. This is an inexpensive short procedure in the out-patient clinic.

Long-haired pets can be difficult to groom and may become matted up. Some pets will not allow even experienced groomers to brush them. Such animals may require sedation in the hospital so that matted hair can be clipped away safely. Do not try to cut matted hair with scissors-it is very easy to cut the skin!