• Care, compassion, expertise

  • Care, compassion, expertise

  • Care, compassion, expertise

  • Care, compassion, expertise

1. Skills and a welcome

You want your pet to be cared for by the most knowledgeable and experienced professionals available. You also want staff to appreciate your own needs and to treat you in a kind and understanding manner when you are concerned about your pet.

At Orchard Vets our staff are selected for these qualities.  Click here for more about the Practice and staff.

2. Affordable - you can benefit from Pal For Life

You also want reassurance that, when our expertise is called for, you can afford the best available. This is why most of our pet owners have joined the Pal For Life health scheme, which, uniquely, gives treatment that is free at the point of need, something you are unlikely to find at another vets. More than 20,000 pets have already been helped by Pal For Life.

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3. Tailored care

You are looking for a veterinary practice that genuinely caters for the needs of your individual pet. Because of this Orchard Vets offer a range of facilities to ensure our care is specifically tailored to your pet. Additional qualifications and training provide expertise in areas such as advanced surgery, treatment for exotic animals and help for pets with behaviour problems.

For instance, the Little Nippers Club is our comprehensive programme for kittens, puppies and bunnies; our boarding cattery, The Cat's Whiskers, is described as the best in the Midlands.

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Need more convincing?

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Or browse this site first to discover the many ways we can help you and your pets.


Free Treatment and Vaccination

When you join The Orchard
Pal for life Scheme.

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the cat's whiskers
boarding cattery

Our own luxury,
five-star hotel for cats
and other small pets.

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