About Us - Supported Charities

Wildlife and stray animals

Orchard Vets are frequently called upon to provide help for injured and sick wildlife. Wherever possible we aim to give treatment and return animals back to their environment as soon as possible. Sometimes we work with wildlife rescue organisations if animals need longer periods of recuperation before release.

We are also often asked to help out with sick or injured stray pets. If a lost pet has a microchip it can rapidly be returned to its owner. If not, we work with the local authority, RSPCA and other organisations to trace the owner or re-home an animal once it has recovered. www.rspca.org.uk

Pet Savers

Pet Savers was set up by vets because there was no organisation to fund studies into the many unsolved medical and surgical problems of our pets. The funding provided has helped to advance the understanding and treatment of many pet animal diseases. www.petsavers.org.uk

Guide Dogs

This organisation is well-known for training dogs to give mobility and freedom to blind and partially sighted people. Guide dogs are frequent visitors to our surgeries where we provide them with both free of charge and subsidised services. We also engage in fund raising, including some of the charity's activity events. www.guidedogs.org.uk

Cats Protection

The largest national UK charitable organisation for cats, Cats Protection has a network of adoption centres across the country. www.cats.org.uk



Hillside Animal Sanctuary

Hillside began as a horse sanctuary but is now home to over a thousand rescued animals, including ponies, donkeys and farm animals. www.hillside.org.uk


The Dogs Trust

The Dogs Trust is the oldest and largest dog welfare charity in UK. It has many adoption centres across the country and claims that no healthy dog is ever destroyed. www.dogstrust.org.uk



Hearing Dogs for Deaf People

A national charity, Hearing Dogs trains dogs to alert deaf people to household sounds and danger signals. www.hearingdogs.org.uk


Oldbury Rotary Club

Orchard Vets regularly support the local charitable work of Rotary Clubs in the Midlands. Work of Rotary includes assisting with fundraising for Guide Dogs, Hearing Dogs and Assistance Dogs, and helping needy local people. We have also donated to Rotary's worldwide polio eradication programme which is almost complete. www.rotarygbi.org


Furbabies Cat Rescue

Furbabies is a local rescue group for cats, rabbits and other small pets. Set up independently by several of Orchard Vets staff in 2013, they have already helped to rescue and rehome hundreds of animals. More information can be found on their web site www.furbabiescatrescue.org

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