Animals We Can Board


All breeds of domestic cats can be boarded, either individually or in family groups. Male cats over one year must have been neutered.





Pet rabbits of all breeds are accepted. Rabbits can be housed individually or in their family groups. It is advised that rabbits living together should be neutered.




Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs can be boarded individually or in family groups. They can use our pens or you can provide your own (discuss this with our staff).




Other small pets

Smaller children's pets such as hamsters and gerbils are normally accepted in their own small cages, as are budgies, canaries and other small finches. For online booking the maximum size for your own cage is 24 x 18 inches (600 x 450mm). For larger sizes please telephone.

Larger birds such as parrots can also be boarded.We can also take some reptiles and other exotic pets. Please speak to our staff.

Only pets of one type can be housed together. Normally only healthy animals are admitted to the cattery and we are not able to accept animals with infectious diseases. Cats and rabbits must be up to date with their vaccinations.

Please note: we are unable to board dogs.