About Us - The Animals We Treat

Orchard vets provides a veterinary service for all species of small pet animals.


Ginger CatCats

Orchard vets is a cat-friendly practice. Our members of staff are well-trained in the care and handling of cats and can help with a wide range of feline problems. Our boarding cattery accepts cats and other small pets, providing a safe and luxurious environment when you are away and can even care for pets with long-term medical conditions.
Tired dog


Dogs are probably the most popular pets in the West Midlands. We can provide a wide-ranging, knowledgeable and caring service for breeds ranging from the Chihuahua to the Irish Wolfhound.

Rabbit outside

Rabbits and guinea pigs

As a rabbit-friendly practice we can provide a full service of care and medicine for rabbits, including neutering and other surgical procedures. 

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