About Us - Ethos

Ethical standards

Our ethical standards and beliefs underpin every aspect of our work with animals and their owners. Every vet and nurse entering the profession signs an oath to uphold animal welfare.

Vet holding dog

The career call

Each of our vets has gone through the rigorous training of five years or more in university to gain one of the most difficult of all degrees. Some have  additional qualifications.

In each case, it was the love of working with animals, the challenge of solving medical problems and the desire to improve the welfare of domestic species that brought them into the profession.

Our nurses too felt the call to care for pets at an early age. Each spent several years studying and working closely with pet animals and now brings compassion and skill to the work that is done.

Our belief

Each pet that is entrusted to our care becomes an important and valued patient. Pets, just like young children or elderly people, are vulnerable individuals and need to be handled with love, respect, care and compassion. This is the main principle that we work by.

From the instant your pet is welcomed into the surgery he or she will receive the same loving care that we give to our own animals. And hospitalised pets receive the extra tending they need to keep them warm, comfortable and free from stress.

We work in close partnership with pet owners, honestly and openly providing the best service we are able to. So we believe you can place your total trust in our service, knowing that your pet will receive the best of care that we can offer, both in the happy times and when there are difficult problems to resolve.

We really are Your Best Friend's Best Friend.

The Orchard Team