Our Guarantee


Cat in consult roomProfessionals

Veterinary science was declared as the only true profession by the Royal Charter in 1844. Members of a profession are marked out as having great responsibility, specialised knowledge from long courses of study, an ethical code of conduct and accountability, both to their professional body and their clients. 


Our staff are proud to belong to such a trusted profession and they take their responsibilities very seriously, acting in a manner that is worthy of the trust invested in us.




No one can be certain of the outcome of an individual illness or injury but, by using skills and experience, we strive to maximise the successful outcome of the treatments we provide. In addition, we make great efforts to provide the highest standard of service we can.




We aim to keep our charges fair and reasonable to cover the cost of the service provided. We are acutely aware that some treatments, investigations and medicines can be expensive and that this can be a problem for clients on a low income. That is why we created the Pal For Life scheme so that members do not have to fear an unexpected vet’s bill. For maximum benefit join when your pet is healthy.



We can assure pet owners that, whenever we make recommendations or give advice, our first priority is the best interests of the animal patient; at the same time we try to minimise costs whenever this does not reduce the quality of the treatment. If a recommended treatment is beyond the reach of a pet owner we endeavour to offer choices and seek together a suitable way forward. 


We guarantee that, if there is ever an occasion when you are dissatisfied with any aspect of the service provided to you, we will act to put the matter right as rapidly and as thoroughly as we can and, if at all possible, to your satisfaction.



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