Our Services - For Sick Pets

Help in times of illness or injury

Vet nurse Sinead and Vet Kesh perform ultrasound investigation


Our staff have the expertise, the compassion and the time to deal will all the health issues of domestic pets. Coupled with our wide range of facilities you can be confident in obtaining the best of care for your loved one. Outpatient consultations for illness and injuries can normally be arranged within twenty-four hours and emergencies will be dealt with immediately. We provide hospital facilities for those animals needing in-depth investigations or monitoring.


X-rays, ultrasound and endoscopes ("cameras") enable rapid assessment of internal body structures. Using electronic ECG apparatus the activity of the heart can be checked for cardiac disease. Access to an extensive range of laboratory tests is available, much of it performed rapidly in our own laboratory.

Surgical operations

General soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery can be performed tailored to the individual patient needs and with modern electronic monitoring. For the more advanced procedures, we have a number of expert referral specialists available to us.

Dental treatments

One of the most important, yet most overlooked aspects of pet care, it is often not realised just how much discomfort is endured by apparently healthy pets from loose teeth and infected gums. Some pets need frequent removal of plaque and scale from the teeth. Others need extractions or other procedures to the teeth and gums. Each of our surgeries has the specialist equipment needed for these important procedures.

House calls

Most treatments are performed at the surgery. There we have all the medicines, equipment and support staff to give the most efficient service. Sometimes, however, circumstances may make it difficult to bring the animal to us. On these occasions we may be able to visit your pet at home. Please contact your local branch if you wish to enquire about this.