Little Nippers Club - Parties!

Unfortunately we are currently unable to offer puppy parties. Please check back later on in the year.

Help your puppy have the best start in life with our Puppy Socialisation Parties

It's important that your young puppy is able to interact calmly and appropriately with other dogs from an early age, as well as starting to learn basic commands. What's more, acclimatising your puppy to other dogs and people from an early stage in life will help him become a confident, well-mannered companion as well as minimising future behavioural problems. For this reason we hold weekly Puppy Socialisation Parties at our practice, for puppies up to the age of 18 weeks.

Orchard Puppy Party

During these sessions your puppy will be able to play with other young dogs in a secure and hygienic environment, as well as learning a variety of important social skills and basic commands.

Puppy parties are run by our Senior Nurse Natalie Brookes, who will be on hand to answer any questions you might have about aspects of your puppy's behaviour or care. She will also give you lots of great information about the best diet for your puppy, parasite control and dental care, as well as tips on acclimatising your puppy to fireworks, thunderstorms and traffic, for example.

You will also be able to enjoy complimentary refreshments while your puppy is off making new friends, and can swap tips and stories with other dog owners too!

In order to attend our Puppy Parties, your puppy must have had at least its first vaccination and be younger than 18 weeks old. You do not have to be registered at Orchard Vets to attend, simply call our friendly team on 0121 556 6890 to find out more and book your puppy's place.