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The Veterinary Team

Orchard Veterinary Centre

Dr John Dudley BVSc, MRCVS

John is a founder member of the Practice and has been at Orchard Vets since it opened in 1978. He has been a veterinary surgeon since 1970 but now spends most of his time working behind the scenes. A committed Christian, Mr Dudley lives in Birmingham.

Orchard Veterinary Centre

Dr Emma Corfield BVSc, PgCertSurg(WBIS), GPCert(ExAP), MRCVS

Emma has been with the Practice in one capacity or another since she was studying at school. She did much of her training at Orchard Vets before gaining her vet’s degree from Liverpool University. She takes a special interest in treating exotic animals.

Orchard Veterinary Centre

Dr Kim Thompson BVM&S, MRCVS

Kim, originally from Lancashire, qualified as a vet in 2004 and has been working in the West Midlands since 2010. Outside of work, Kim loves anything to do with the outdoors, especially walking and bird watching. She is a born again Christian and an active member of a small church. She loves football and is a season ticket holder at a local non-league side, Halesowen Town, following them home and away. 

Orchard Veterinary Centre

Dr Frances Alink DVM, MRCVS

Frances was born in Holland and qualified from Utrecht University. She has been living and working in the UK for over 20 years. Frances always dreamt of becoming a vet as a little girl and counts herself very lucky to have fulfilled that dream. She thoroughly enjoys all aspects of small animal practice and has a special interest in dentistry.

Outside of work Frances enjoys hill walking, running and travelling. 

The Nursing Team

Orchard Veterinary Centre

Helen Jones RVN, Senior Veterinary Nurse

Helen is our longest-serving nurse having been with us for thirty nine years! She is a committed Christian and lives locally with hubby and four children. Helen has a special interest in canine behaviour. In her spare time she enjoys handicrafts, anything arty, running a youth group, preparing church services, playing guitar and looking after her hens! Helen is our longest serving vet nurse and is a font of knowledge when it comes to your furry friends behaviour. She brightens up our teams day with her positive attitude and overwhelming compassion for our clients and your pets! She is a whirlwind of positive energy and is always willing to go the extra mile for clients when they need help.

Orchard Veterinary Centre


Natalie Brooks BSc (Hons), HND, RVN, Senior Veterinary Nurse

Keen feline entiusiast Natalie joined the team in 2007 and is our Senior Nurse at the Wednesbury Surgery. She lives with her Husband Simon and her four feline children; Smartie, Gus-Gus, Lilah & Ludo, as well as her guinea pigs, degus and gerbils! In her spare time she enjoys many crafts, especially cross stitch and crochet, and is currently learning to paint watercolour! She is normally found at the Wednesbury branch, where she enjoys having a catch up with some of the regular clients! Nat is a hard working and after being at Orchard for many years now, she has a wealth of knowledge and will help whenever she can.

Orchard Veterinary Centre

Becky Yeomans RVN, Senior Veterinary Nurse

Becky is our senior nurse at our Oldbury branch and has been part of the team since 2009. She enjoys reading, going to concerts and looking after her feline Singapura Floki. Becky is the Cat Advocate at the Oldbury surgery. Becky loves going on 'once in a life time' holidays - but has been on six! At work, Becky is always willing to help with any task at hand.

Becky is the Cat Advocate at the Oldbury surgery.

Orchard Veterinary Centre

Charlotte Orbell RVN, Senior Veterinary Nurse

Charlotte is our senior nurse at our Harborne branch and has been nursing since 2016. (started as trainee in 2014) When she’s not looking after our clients and their pets, she enjoys horse riding and travelling. Charlotte is our senior nurse at Harborne and has been described small, but mighty - she's also a massive foodie! Our team have described Charlotte a always being able to take the initiative and fixing any problems before they arise. 

Orchard Veterinary Centre

Holly Furlonger Cert HAS, DipVetPhys, RVN, Physiotherapist

Holly joined us as a veterinary nurse back in 2008 and is a qualified physiotherapist and hydrotherapist, working closely with our vets to provide rehabilitation following orthopaedic operations, and physical therapy for mobility issues. Many of you may know Holly through her hydrotherapy and physiotherapy work - she loves working one-to-one with your animals!

Orchard Veterinary Centre

Gemma Matthews Cert HAS, RVN, Hydrotherapist

Gemma joined our clinical team in 2017. She studied marine biology before training as a veterinary nurse. At home she has three cats, a dog and two guinea pigs. In her leisure time she volunteers as a Girl Guide leader and is a qualified diver. Gemma is a qualified hydrotherapist and is training to be a physiotherapist too! Even when Gemma is busy with her physio appointments, she’s happy to lend the rest of the team a hand. 

Orchard Veterinary Centre

Paige Stanley RVN

Paige started with us in the summer of 2019. At home she’s a gamer. She has a staffie called Blue, a rat and recently adopted street cat called Rupert. Paige loves anything spooky and has an impressive collection of crystals too! Paige has been described by our team as an absolute delight to be around – kind, friendly and helpful, the winning combo!

Orchard Veterinary Centre

Hannah Caswell RVN

Hannah completed her veterinary nursing training with us in 2019 but returned to us in 2022 after a stint working in busy emergency veterinary work. Our team describe Hannah as a pleasure to work with; supportive and helpful and able to keep a level head in the most stressful situations. Nothing is too much trouble for Hannah who is compassionate and caring and an asset to our nursing team!


Orchard Veterinary Centre

Katie Warr RVN

Katie has one dog, two cats and a foster cat. She is interested in being able to nurse all pets so is currently training in exotic veterinary nursing. In her spare time Katie enjoys travelling, going to concerts and long walks in the woods with her dog and kids. 

Orchard Veterinary Centre

Leanne Round RVN 

Leanne is one of the latest additions to our nursing team joining us  October 2023. If you're a frequent visitor to our Wednesbury and Harborne branches you've probably already met Leanne.  Always friendly, polite and willing to make the time to answer any queries, Leanne has been described by our clients as a credit to our practice. At home she has one dog, two cats and three rabbits!

Orchard Veterinary Centre

Eve Bestwick Cert HAS, Hydrotherapist

Eve graduated with a veterinary physiotherapy degree in 2019 and has a special interest in canine neurological rehabilitation. Her hobbies include days out with the family, volunteering for a local riding school and she loves high-adrenaline activities (she wants to do a skydive soon!)
At home, Eve has two former street cats Kipling and Kooper. 

Orchard Veterinary Centre

Lily Clark, Student Veterinary Nurse

Lily joined us in 2019 and is studying Veterinary Nursing at Solihull College. She has two horses, a dog and cats and has side interests in home design and biology. She is particularly interested in anaesthesia and first aid. If you're a regular at our Wednesbury branch you've probably met Lily! Lily is always happy to help out wherever needed. 

Orchard Veterinary Centre

Imogen Baldi-Turner, Student Veterinary Nurse

Imogen is studying veterinary nursing at Solihull College and joined us in 2019 mostly working at our Harborne branch. In her spare time she enjoys the outdoors and taking her dog Arthur for walks. Imogen particularly enjoys learning about anaesthesia and nutrition and, once she qualified she hopes to become involved in our physiotherapy services. Throughout her time studying with us, Imogen has become a helpful and outgoing student. We’re thrilled to have her qualify this year!


Orchard Veterinary Centre

Lauren Westwood, Animal Handling Assistant

Lauren is our animal handling assistant. She works mostly at our Wednesbury branch, but you can find her at Oldbury on occasion too. Lauren is an asset to our clinical team. She responds immediately to direction from vets and nurses and is amazingly adept at both clinical and non-clinical work and is there for the rest of the team no matter the situation . 


The Reception Team

Orchard Veterinary Centre

Kristina Kelly

Kristina joined us early in 2017 and now works at all of our sites. She lives with her husband, her two girls, a son born in 2020, Duke the dog and Princess the cat. In her spare time, she enjoys horse riding and fishing.

Orchard Veterinary Centre

Lisa Rose

Lisa started with us in the summer of 2019 and can usually be found at our Wednesbury branch. She likes keeping fit and enjoys pilates, yoga and aqua-fit as well as walking her dog. Her more sedentary hobbies include floristry.

Orchard Veterinary Centre

Emma Ostcliffe

Emma joined us in 2020 and is mostly at our Wednesbury branch. Her hobbies include walking and taking wildlife photos. Emma is our resident artist and spends her spare time creating art - particularly pet portraits. Emma is always looking out for her colleagues and is always happy to help out. 

Orchard Veterinary Centre

Nicola Hulme

Nicola works mostly out of our Harborne branch after joining us in 2020. She's always owned and loves bunnies! In her spare time Nicola loves a Netflix binge and has spent the last 2 years renovating her house. Helpful and supportive, nothing is too much trouble for her. Nicola is always willing to go above and beyond for our clients and team and you can guarantee she’ll do it with a smile on her face!

Orchard Veterinary Centre

Amy Summerfield

Amy joined us back in September 2021. At home, she has two dogs Alfie and Missy and in her spare time enjoys weekends away in her camper van.  


Orchard Veterinary Centre

Sharon Earley

Another new addition to our team, Sharon enjoys meeting up with family and friends and spending time with her sisters dogs Bonnie and Alfie. She became a nan for the first time in July and loves watching a good drama on TV.  No request is too much trouble for Sharon; she's always happy to help, can keep a level head in stressful situations and is absolutely faultless in every task she undertakes!

Orchard Veterinary Centre

Etienne Harvey

A dedicated animal lover, Etienne joined us in 2023. She's patient and calm, even in stressful situations and a true beliver in delivering outstanding care to clients and their pets. 

The Office Team

Orchard Veterinary Centre

Wendy Terry RVN, Practice Manager

Wendy is a founder member of the Practice and has been at Orchard Vets since it opened in 1978. She is a qualified veterinary nurse but now spends most of her time managing the Practice. A committed Christian, she lives in Warwickshire with hubby and three children. She loves anything equine, (has three horses - one is never enough!) and a variety of other animals. She runs the local youth group and enjoys reading but never gets the chance!

Orchard Veterinary Centre

Zoe Millington VN, Assistant Practice Manager

Zoe has been with us since 2004. She lives in Kidderminster with her husband Ed and two children. She loves exotic holidays (when given the chance!), walking, going to the gym and, unfortunately for Ed, DIY!

Orchard Veterinary Centre

Karen Skidmore, Office Manager

Karen is the face behind the Pal For Life scheme. She lives at home with her three cats Wilson, Izzy and Ella. She likes walking, socialising and travelling.


Jenn Hukins, Marketing Assistant & IT Support

Jenn has been working with us since 2019 in one capacity or another. She lives at home with her cats Squeak and Mew and in her spare time hosts a radio show on a local independent station.  

The Cattery Team

Orchard Veterinary Centre

Kim Weston, Cattery Manager

Kim started working at the cattery in 2014. In her spare time she helps run Furbabies Animal Rescue, while at home she has three cats of her own!

Orchard Veterinary Centre

Mandy Sheridan, Cattery Assistant Manager

A genuine animal enthusiast, Mandy surrounds herself with four-legged friends. She formerly managed the cattery from 1996 until 2018 and has considerable experience of animal care.

Orchard Veterinary Centre

Janine, Cattery Assistant

Self certified ‘crazy cat lady’; Janine has been with us for 4 years now. She loves her garden and enjoys spending time outside. She is also an avid walker. 

Orchard Veterinary Centre

Brittany, Cattery Assistant

Brittany has been a casual member of staff with us at the cattery for 5 years, so we were delighted to make her a permanent member of the team in February of 2023! At home, she has a dog and loves taking long walks. 

Orchard Veterinary Centre

Karen, Cattery Assistant

Karen has only been with us since February 2023 and has had cats all her life In her spare time she sings in a choir...or three!

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