The Cat's Whiskers Boarding Cattery

The Cat's Whiskers is a high quality boarding cattery, providing secure and luxurious accommodation for cats and other small pets. It conforms to the guidelines set by the Chartered Institute of Environmental Health and the British Veterinary Association and is fully licensed.

Convenient location

The Cat's Whiskers is situated in the suburb of Harborne, just over three miles from Birmingham city centre. It is easy to get to by road and is on a main bus route.

Peaceful setting

Despite its convenient city location it is set in a peaceful country-like setting, surrounded by the beautiful parkland of Harborne Golf Course. This ensures that resident animals have minimum disturbances and usually settle in quickly.

Luxury accommodation

The cattery is a modern, architect-designed building which provides comfort and security for the animals who are our guests. Each cat, or family of cats, has its own temperature-controlled accommodation with separate bedding and exercise areas. We employ rigorous hygienic practices and supervision routines, all aimed at maintaining the animal's health and comfort, and each pet is cared for individually and known personally by our experienced staff.

Experienced staff

Our members of staff are caring, dedicated, experienced and skilled at looking after cats and other pets.

Veterinary supervision

The Cattery is run by and is next door to the Orchard Veterinary Centre so we are fortunate to have vets close at hand in case of emergency. This enables us to give ongoing veterinary care as and when needed. The staff are trained and skilled in administration of medicines for those animals on long-term treatment.

The Cat Shop

The cattery is also home to The Cat Shop where you will find a range of pet care products, foods and high quality gifts, all with a feline theme. Don't miss the opportunity to browse at your next visit.

Some of the benefits of using The Cat's Whiskers

  • Peaceful luxurious accommodation.
  • Conveniently located in Harborne.
  • Bring your cat's own bed or favourite toys for an even more homely stay if you wish.
  • Interesting feline products in The Cat Shop.
  • Clients of Orchard Veterinary Centre qualify for discounts off all boarding fees.

Visitors are always welcome to look around the cattery.


Cattery Licence: LN/000010852 Mr J Dudley