The Cat's Whiskers - Booking Form

Please note: if this booking page says your dates are not available please ring us on 0121 428 1234 because we usually have some cancellations that do not show here.


All on-line bookings get a discount of 10% off normal charges.

Clients of orchard Vets receive an additional 5% discount, total 15% off.

Members of The Orchard Pet Health Scheme receive an additional 10% discount, total 20% off.

Members of Pet Health Scheme Plus receive an additional 15% discount, total 25% off.

Provided you are logged in as a client these discounts will show at the end of the booking process.


Only animals of the same species and from the same household can share a pen.

If pets do not get on well together book separate pens.

Book one pen at a time. First select the type of animal, then the number of pets to share that pen.

Choose the starting date to board. If you are travelling we recommend boarding from the day before.

Choose the end date. Note, in peak periods, if you have to collect your pet after 1 pm there will be a charge for that night as we will be unable to use the pen for another animal.

Remember that peak period dates are often booked up early. If you find no pens are available for your dates please ring the cattery because we often have cancellations that have not yet shown online.

After entering information for a pen, if you need to, you can book a pen for another animal on the same dates, or for the same animal on different dates. A maximum of three pens can be booked at one time.

Finally, check all the details are correct before proceding to the payment page.

You must be logged in to finalise a booking.

Booking Form

Step 1: Select the type of animal to be boarded.

Step 2: Enter the number of animals to occupy this pen.

Please note that all animals to be housed in a single pen must be used to sharing and get on well with each other. If in doubt, book them into separate pens. You can reserve additional pens later in the booking process.

Step 3: Choose the start and end dates you require.

Boarding periods cannot start or end on the greyed-out days. Hover your mouse over a date to see total cost for that day. If a date your require is greyed-out please telephone to check availability.

Note that animals should be collected before 1 pm during peak periods. Late collections may block the pen for that day and incur additional cost.

Step 4: Proceed.