Pal For Life Health Scheme

By joining the Pal For Life Health Scheme you will benefit from one of the most comprehensive health plans available for companion animals.

Orchard Veterinary Centre

Since the early 1980s The Orchard Veterinary Centre has provided a safe and sure way of providing high quality, no worry, veterinary treatment with its Pal For Life scheme. Over the years more than 20,000 pets have benefited from the Scheme.

For a modest subscription (monthly direct debit or annual payment) your pet cat, dog or rabbit is covered for unlimited veterinary consultations at any of our surgeries for the rest of its life. So you have peace of mind and your pet has the best treatment we can offer.

Free veterinary treatment

You no longer need to worry about the cost of your pet's medical treatment. There are no fees to see our vets and you get discounts on medicines, neutering, worming, flea treatments, pet care products, food and other services.

Should the worst happen and your pet need us in an emergency you can rest assured that you will not be faced with expensive surgical or investigative fees. 

It's like the NHS for pets - only better!

As a member, you will always have the peace of mind that your pet's consultation will be free at the point of need. Your pet can come to see the vet as often as you feel necessary and you will know that there will never be any charge. And, just like the NHS, all you have to pay for is the prescription - which is discounted to members.

Free vaccinations

Younger animals have free membership of the Little Nippers Club, so you don't have to pay for their first vaccinations, and then all the annual boosters are free - for life!

Open to all pets

Any animal that we treat can join, young or old, healthy or sick so no pet is turned away. Animals that are healthy on joining get the widest cover but all pets, even those not eligible for any form of insurance, get the main benefits. For more details about this please see the brochures and terms of the Scheme on the right of this page.

You are unlikely to find such comprehensive cover at such a reasonable cost.

How do Insurance Policies compare?

Free treatment, vaccination and a range of discounts make this the ideal complete health care package for your pets.

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