How Do Insurance Policies Compare?

The Orchard Pal For Life Scheme is a membership scheme and NOT an insurance policy.

By enroling your pet you become a member of our exclusive club.

The Scheme has the following advantages over commercial insurance policies:


  • No limit to the amount of cover.

  • Your subscription will not be increased because of age or illness.

  • All illnesses are covered. We will not exclude anything that develops during membership, so life-long problems are covered - for life.

  • There is no excess to pay, i.e. all the fee is covered when carried out at our surgeries.

  • There is no delay in claiming back fees and no claim forms to complete. (Note: where cover is provided for referral or out of hours treatment at another centre there is both an excess and a claim form to complete)

  • Old and sick animals can also be covered - even those on long-term medication.

  • We include many things that no insurance policy can cover, such as vaccination, nail clipping, micro-chips, minor ailments - and a check-up whenever you want.

  • A range of discounts for non-medical procedures such as neutering, behaviour counselling, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy, anti-season injections, grooming, preventative healthcare, etc.

  • Discounts for pet-care products, worm and flea preparations, and diets.

  • No-claims discount for pets that remain healthy.

  • Additional pets can join at a reduced subscription.