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Feline respiratory diseases

Respiratory infections are the commonest causes of contagious cat disease so it is important to consider whether your cat should be protected against all of them.

Rhinotracheitis (FVR) and Calici. The 'flu viruses are the cause of much miserable illness in the feline population. Probably the most common of all infectious diseases of cats, the symptoms include sneezing, coughing, discharges from eyes and nose, and mouth ulcers. Infected cats often become permanent carriers with symptoms that last for life. Annual vaccination is required.

Chlamydia, causes a resistant conjunctivitis, especially in groups of cats. Once present it can be difficult to eradicate. Chlamydia is included in our standard vaccination programme.

Bordetella A less common bacterial disease that can cause coughing and other signs. Bordetella vaccine is not included in the normal annual vaccination course but is available as an optional extra for cats living in colonies or entering boarding catteries. It is administered by placing drops into the nose.

Feline Leukaemia

Feline leukaemia virus (FeLV) causes an incurable disease similar to AIDS in man and always ends in death. The first symptoms are often not seen for many months after infection. So, all your cats could be infected long before you are aware of a problem. The immune system is attacked by the virus so that almost any symptom can occur. Malignant cancer called lymphoma is a common end result.

Feline Enteritis

One of the most serious of diseases, this causes a severe gastroenteritis with vomiting and collapse, followed by death.


Rabies is one of the most important diseases in the world. Most species, including man, can be infected and almost every affected individual will die a very unpleasant death. The UK quarantine laws have successfully excluded the disease for over a century but now, with advent of pet travel, animals must be vaccinated before going abroad. For more information see PETS Travel Scheme.

Please note: All cats boarded in a cattery must be vaccinated against the 'flu viruses and feline enteritis before entering. This is a condition of the boarding licence in UK. If a cattery accepts cats without these vaccines it risks dangerous spread of disease in the cattery and is likely to lose its licence. While not essential, you may wish to consider adding Bordetella vaccine if your cat is to be boarded.