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Did you know Orchard Vets has a Cattery?


Situated at the heart of Harborne Golf Club, our cattery provides luxurious accommodation for your cat to enjoy a holiday at the same time that you do!

The cattery was purpose-built, designed by our veterinary team, with the object of providing the very best in boarding facilities so you can relax and know your feline friend has every need catered for.

Each chalet provides individual accommodation for your cat during his or her stay and is protected by all-around sneeze barriers. Shelves are provided for those cats that like to be high up in the world with chairs and other homely objects for those cats that are no longer mobile enough to reach high places without a little help!

Double homes are available for cat couples who enjoy each other's company, with larger family homes that can house up to eight if needed! All litter trays, dishes, toys and bedding are provided but you are very welcome to bring in your cat's own scratching post and other familiar items to make him feel more at home.

The building is completely air-conditioned, providing the optimum temperatures for comfort, while feel-good feline pheromones help cats settle in and feel relaxed very quickly.

We will try to match your cat's normal diet and, with our extensive range of foods, we can cater for even the fussiest of eaters.

The Cats Whiskers has a number of facilities to provide you with peace of mind, and your pet with comfort and care!

- Despite its convenient city location it is set in a peaceful country-like setting, surrounded by the beautiful parkland of Harborne Golf Course. This ensures that resident animals have minimum disturbances and usually settle in quickly.

- The cattery is a modern, architect-designed building which provides comfort and security for the animals who are our guests. Each cat, or family of cats, has its own temperature-controlled accommodation with separate bedding and exercise areas. We employ rigorous hygienic practices and supervision routines, all aimed at maintaining the animal's health and comfort, and each pet is cared for individually and known personally by our experienced staff.

- Experienced staff Our members of staff are caring, dedicated, experienced and skilled at looking after cats and other pets.

- The Cattery is run by and is next door to the Orchard Veterinary Centre so we are fortunate to have vets close at hand in case of emergency. This enables us to give ongoing veterinary care as and when needed.

You can book your pet into our cattery either by phoning us directly on 0121 428 123 or by booking online. All online bookings receive a discount of 10% with clients of Orchard Vets receiving further discounts!

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