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Pet's names, just as baby's names, follow trends with the years. Many of the most popular names of today were rarely used a few years ago.

To see the most popular names for any year or decade select the following filters. While the database is young you may have to widen your selection to get a result. Click the buttons to filter the list:

Class: The type of animal. Most animals on the list are mammals (cats dogs, rabbits)

Species: Choose this next for individual animal species.

Breed: To narrow down to a specific breed. Remember there may be too few to give good results for some less common breeds.

Colour: If you want to check the names for a specific colour.

Year/decade: Narrow down to names given in a particular year or decade.

Sex: Select the gender you want to check.

Country: Initially, all names come from United Kingdom. Adding your pet's name (see above left) will help to widen the scope of the database.

Letter: To choose only names starting with a particular letter.


Example: For all female dogs, select Class (mammal), Species (dog), Sex (female)


Remember there may be too few names to give the popularity if you narrow the search too much.


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Rank Name Group
1 Ben
2 Sam
3 Charlie
4 Max
5 Molly
6 Lucy
7 Sooty
8 Toby
9 Sally
10 Jack
11 Poppy
12 Buster
13 Rosie
14 Penny
15 Holly

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