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Hip Hip Hooray for Hydrotherapy!


Jake dog swimming in hydrotherapy tank

Hip Hip Hooray for Hydrotherapy!

Here at the Orchard Veterinary Centre we have qualified physiotherapists who are dedicated to providing comprehensive rehabilitation programmes which are tailored to the individual needs of each patient. Not only do we offer physiotherapy sessions but, since moving to our state-of-the-art surgery in Oldbury, we have been able to offer hydrotherapy sessions to suitable patients.

Who might be suitable?

Physiotherapy can have great benefits for animals suffering from mobility problems or recovering from certain types of surgery and involves sessions with our qualified therapists for manual treatment or in our hydrotherapy unit. The aim is to help patients return to normal more quickly or to improve the quality and length of life where there are chronic mobility problems.

Conditions that can benefit from a rehabilitation plan include:

·  Stiffness and pain caused by osteoarthritis

·  Orthopaedic conditions such as hip dysplasia

·  Neurological conditions or muscular weakness

·  Post-operative recovery after joint surgery or fracture repair

·  Overweight patients needing to reduce weight and increase fitness

·  General weakness in elderly pets or following illness

What’s the difference?

Physiotherapy helps to restore normal function by building up the strength of muscles, reducing pain and increasing the range of movement. Manual physiotherapy is hands-on manipulation and massage of the affected parts. We will show you how to continue some of these actions at home to build on the beneficial effect.

Hydrotherapy is a safe, controlled and effective treatment for pets. Our underwater treadmill is hi-tech equipment, allowing pets to exercise whilst being supported by the buoyancy of the water. The depth of water and the speed of the treadmill are adjusted to suit the needs of the individual patient so, unlike swimming; this is the only form of hydrotherapy that correctly rehabilitates walking and trotting movements. The buoyancy of the water allows muscles to be exercised in greater comfort and the warmth of the water encourages muscles to relax and is soothing for the patient

How do I book?

If you notice your pet seems stiff or is struggling with mobility, call us today to book in for a vet assessment where we will be able to check your pet's suitability.