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Two are better than one!


Rabbit in sunshine

Imagine sitting all on your own in a hutch at the bottom of a garden. It sounds like a very lonely and sad life to have to live…doesn’t it? Well, this is actually how some rabbits spend all their lives – alone. Sadly he or she was bought as a single pet, but rabbits are naturally very social creatures, as in the wild they always live with other rabbits. If you are considering having rabbits as pets, two or more is best! A neutered male and female pair should live well together.

Inquisitive – Active – Intelligent

Rabbits need to express their natural behaviour and love to dig, run, jump and play every day so you must provide an interesting and fun life for your pets.

An earth pit for digging

Tree stumps, twigs and suitable toys for playtime

Encourage foraging for food by scattering pellets in the hay, and by filling boxes or cardboard tubes.

We all like our homes to be comfortable and rabbits are no different! You will need to provide indoor and outdoor accommodation that allows them to;

Easily stand up all on their hind legs – Lie fully outstretched – make at least 3 consecutive hops – turn around unhindered

Visit for full information on housing and outside run sizing. We also have plenty of advice here too on feeding and healthcare for your rabbits, so please do not hesitate to call us. The main aim as with all pets is to provide a loving and caring home so their lives can be happy and healthy. If you get it right with rabbits they will show their happiness by doing ‘the binky’, which is a jumping and twisting action when life is good!