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Exotic vets


Exotic animals are increasingly popular as pets, but they raise important concerns about the welfare of both animals and owners. Last year the RSPCA received over 15,000 calls about exotics and rescued over 4,000 neglected or abandoned animals including over 500 snakes, over 300 turtles, and nearly 150 bearded dragons.

The British Veterinary Association has also issued a number of statements concerning the owning and breeding of exotic animals, including campaigning against the keeping and trade of primates as pets. Similarly the RSPCA point to raccoon dogs, which may look extremely cute as cubs but which really don’t make good pets in a domestic environment.

Both the RSPCA and the BVA highlight ignorance of animal needs as a priority issue but at least on this point Orchard Vets are able to help. We are proud to have both a General Practitioner in Exotic Animal Practice within our ranks, vet Emma, and also a VN with a Certificate in Vet Nursing of Exotic Species, nurse Gemma. So, should you start thinking about acquiring a non-traditional pet, whether a terrapin, a tarantula or a corn snake, come in for a chat so that you are fully aware of all the issues. §