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Long in the Tooth


Bugs Bunny may have two very long front teeth as part of his cartoon character, but in the real world of rabbits, overgrown teeth can be very painful and unpleasant for your pet!

The molars and premolars are known as the cheek teeth. A rabbit’s teeth grow continuously, but the grinding, chewing and rotary action of the upper and lower cheek while eating help ‘wear down’ the length. If, for some reason, this action does not happen from maybe a wrong diet or their teeth are misaligned, then problems occur.

Signs to watch out for

- Unable to chew/not eating
- Weight loss
- Runny eye
- Nasal discharge
- Drooling
- Abscess
- Mouth Cuts

Rabbits don’t just eat carrots!

An important part of your rabbit’s diet is hay and grass, which help grind down the teeth. This food also provides a high source of fibre to assist the digestive system. An all-in-one pellet food is better than a mix.

We can discuss in detail exactly what is best to feed your rabbit to help stop dental problems from occurring - give us a call to book an appointment!