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Hair Do!


Dog in bath tub

Hair Do!

We have probably all had more than our fair share of bad hair days, especially during the lockdowns! By now though, most of us will have tamed and groomed our hair with a trip to the hairdressers. Every breed of dog needs their coat grooming too by brushing, washing and cutting, whether by its owner or a professional groomer.

Your pet’s coat Brushing helps remove dead skin, and loose hair and distributes the protective natural oils, all of which assist in keeping their coat and skin healthy. Some dogs require daily grooming, while others benefit from just a weekly brush

Golden Opportunity Regular care also provides the chance to spot any health problems in their early stages such as fleas, ticks, lice, hair loss, lumps or swellings, skin conditions and hotspots.

Fur Coat Hair growth follows lines, which are called hair streams. These run from the head down the back, body and legs to the feet. There are factors that affect how this hair grows like the environmental temperature, time of year or health conditions

Nutrition A diet lacking in nutrition may produce a dull coat with patchy hair growth, so it is important to ensure your pet is fed a well-balanced diet. There are supplements and specific diets that can be given to help, but as always please consult with one of our vets first.

Happy Times Grooming is part of your dog’s routine healthcare and should be an enjoyment for you and your pet. It helps build a relationship, and may even relieve stress for you both! Just take it slowly. Never scold your pet, give plenty of praise, be cheerful, and avoid tugging at their hair as it will hurt!

Splish Splash! When it comes to bath time, some dogs love it while others are not so keen. A dog would probably prefer to keep their dirt and smelly fragrance, but if they have just happily rolled in unpleasant fox poo or waded through a muddy puddle, then it’s time to head to the tub!

Tub time tips:

-        Brush coats thoroughly first

-        Give plenty of praise and happy reassurance

-        Place an old towel or rubber met in the bath to ensure no slipping

-        Use warm water and dog shampoo

-        Avoid getting soap and water in eyes, ears and mouth

-        Rinse coats well, as soap residue can be an irritant

-        Be prepared to get wet! Dogs love a good shake during and after a bath

-        Ensure your pet is thoroughly dry, especially those with long, thick coats

If you would like further advice on coat care, please call us. Our friendly team will be happy to assist you on the type of grooming and frequency to suit your pet’s breed.