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Hot! Hot! Hot!


Follow some golden rules to safeguard your pets from summer hazards Never leave your pet in the car. Oven like temperatures inside will literally cook your dog!

Watch out for scorching pavements and roads as toes and pads can easily burn! We have shoes to protect our feet…our pets don’t!

Ensure your cat or dog is not shut in a hot and humid conservatory or greenhouse.

Pets can very quickly become dehydrated and overheated as their cooling systems aren’t as efficient as ours.

Recognise the signs of heatstroke…

 - Any increased panting, anxiety, pacing or reluctant to rise, disorientation, excessive or thick saliva or dark gums…

 - Move your pet to a cool area and call us immediately

Remember that rolling a ball at the beach will gather sand. This gritty substance can be swallowed by your dog, and easily sticks to intestines. Sand is very difficult to remove and can even become impacted.

The sea is a powerful element with tides, undercurrents and waves, so for those sea swimming dogs consider a life vest.

Flies are a serious danger to rabbit and can cause the often fatal and very painful condition Flystrike! Eggs laid by the fly on wet/soiled rabbit’s hindquarters will hatch into maggots that feed on the skin and tissue. Please check your rabbit daily to ensure they are clean, dry and maggot free, but if you do suspect Flystrike call immediately as this is an emergency!

Dog sunbathing