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Did you know we treat exotics?


Bearded Dragon

Did you know we treat exotics?

From bearded dragons to royal pythons – here at the Orchard Veterinary Centre, we care for many different species.

Our vet Emma specialises in treating exotic animals after gaining a GP certificate in exotics in November 2012. You can find her at the Oldbury and Harborne branches – she loves meeting your unusual pets!

Before deciding to keep an exotic pet you should do plenty of research as their needs are much more complex than other domestic animals. Here are a few things to consider before getting a reptile:

-Many exotic pets need a carefully controlled environment including special heating and lighting, plus space to allow for natural behaviour. Consider the size and location of your enclosure as your pet may need an upgrade as they get bigger! - Reptiles can live longer than you might expect, so you’ll need to be ready to commit to long term care - Most need a specialist food which can be expensive - Some exotic pets need company, others don’t – make sure you find out their needs in advance - Some exotic pets need a license to be kept so make sure you check this before getting one

It’s important to remember that if your pet gets sick, they will need to see a specialist vet – just like our vet Emma!

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