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Summer Stingers


If your pet’s paw suddenly becomes swollen, you might find that your dog or cat has been stung! During the warmer weather, wasp and bee stings can happen more often as there are plenty of our buzzing friends occupying the air space and busying around gardens. For our curious pets, the buzzing and quick movement is just too much to resist a good old snap, paw and chase at these insects, resulting sometimes in a nasty sting!

Should you suddenly hear your pet yelp, yowl or start whining, licking or nibbling at their leg or paw and holding it up, or sharking their head excessively, these could be signs of a sting!

Please be watchful of any swellings, particularly around the face and mouth as this could restrict breathing. Some animals, just like people, are allergic to stings, so contact us immediately if your pet…
  • Has any kind of mouth/face swelling

  • Is drooling

  • Has difficulty breathing

  • Collapses

Insect stings can be very unpleasant, painful and may cause difficulties, but please remember these insects are part of our ecosystem and play an important role in pollination. As with all living creatures, treat them with respect even though they might sting!