Rehabilitation Medicine

The ability of a pet to move about independently and without pain is an important part of having a good quality of life. There are many conditions and injuries which can interfere with mobility or cause pain and Orchard Vets has a special interest in rehabilitation of pets to improve comfort and keep them mobile.

Integrated treatment

The goal of rehabilitation is to return the patient to normal function as quickly as possible. Where there is an incurable long-term mobility issue the aim is to enable a normal and pain-free life. To achieve this it is necessary to have an integrated, multimodal approach to treatment. So, in addition to pain-relief medication and surgery, Orchard Vets uses physiotherapy to accelerate the recovery of injuries and improve the control of long-term conditions.


The vets at Orchard Vets are experienced in dealing with lameness and mobility problems in pets. There is a wide variety of conditions that affect mobility and cause lameness in animals and, uniquely, Orchard Vets is equipped to bring together all the main elements of treatment, giving pets the best chance of recovery or long-term control.

Following initial diagnosis the vet will agree with you a programme of treatment that is best for your pet’s problem. Part of the treatment may involve medicating for pain relief with injections, tablets or medicines, or using drugs to improve healing. New treatments for chronic pain are also on the horizon, such as monoclonal antibodies for arthritis.


Our vets have experience and additional qualifications in performing the advanced surgical procedures necessary for some lameness problems, including joint surgery and fracture repair. Our experience and facilities also enable us to receive referrals for our services from other veterinary practices in the West Midlands.

A small number of cases, such as spinal surgery, MRI scanning or joint replacement, require treatment at a specialist referral centre but most pets needing surgical or medical help for mobility issues are treated at our own centres.


Physiotherapy plays a vital role in the rehabilitation of conditions affecting mobility. It is an effective, science-based treatment for disease or injury using physical methods such as massage, manipulation and exercise. It reduces pain, swelling and muscle spasm; it encourages healing and improves range of movement; it helps to prevent secondary complications and enhances or maintains function.

Hydrotherapy is a form of physiotherapy where muscles and joints can be therapeutically exercised in conditions where the body weight and stresses (and therefore pain) are reduced by the buoyancy of water.