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Hey Summer, long time no sea!


At last the days have finally become longer and the weather is warming up. Though this is great for us, the changing weather can pose some serious hazards to your pets! Here are a few things to look out for this summer.

Heatstroke - Make sure your dog has plenty of shade, fresh water to drink, and make sure they go for walks during cooler times. For tips on keeping your dog cool click here and for keeping your cat cool click here

Sunburn - Use a pet-safe sunscreen to protect any exposed skin, and pay particular attention to cats’ ears tips!

Blue green algae - check the water is safe before you let your pooch dip their paws. Blue green algae is a dangerous to dogs and grows in stagnant water during warm weather that can be deadly if ingested. Click here to find out more about spotting blue green algae 

Ticks - To limit the opportunity for ticks, stick to paths and open areas without long grass when walking your dog. If you notice a tick on your cat or dog call us so that we can safely remove it! We can also discuss parasite treatments with you at your nearest branch.

Insect bites and stings - While most stings aren’t serious they can be painful and cause swelling. If you think your pet might have been stung call us for advice.  If your pet is allergic, swelling rapidly or their breathing is affected it’s important to call us quickly.

Flystrike - Flystrike tends to develop in rabbits with a mucky bottom, or a mucky home, which is why it’s so important to check your rabbits daily, and clean their living space at least every other day throughout the summer.

Pavements and roads- Asphalt can reach temperatures of 52c on warm days which is enough to severely burn dogs paws within a matter of minutes. Check the heat of the surface of a floor for seven seconds before taking your dog out for a walk.

Dehydration - Make sure your pets always have fresh drinking water available to avoid complications caused by dehydration.