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New Year's resolutions


Have you committed to some New Year resolutions? Have you thought about setting some for your four-legged friend? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Get some exercise!

If you think you could benefit from a gym membership after an indulgent Christmas, then a walk or two a day with your dog could be good for both of you (and cheaper too)! And if you've got a cat, encourage play with toys or treat balls.

2. Schedule a health-check!

Our pets age much faster than we do, so an annual health-check is comparable to a person going to the doctor's once every six years. Catching problems early can help both diagnosis and treatment. Consider scheduling a check-up every six months, perhaps once with annual vaccinations.

3. Change your diet!

Our pets are often described in the media as facing an obesity crisis. It is true that many of the country's cats and dogs are overweight, causing all kinds of health issues. Maybe it's time to change our furry friend's diet in relation to their weight, age or other health conditions, and to cut back on treats and table scraps. Chat to your vet to make sure your pet is eating healthy.

4. Update your details!

Orchard Vets in Oldbury are moving to a new surgery soon! But have you moved house or changed your phone number recently? If so, then your microchip registration details will need to be updated. You can contact Petlog on 01296 336579. §