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Staff update


We have had a number of new staff starting with us in recent months, so don’t be surprised to see some new faces at our surgeries! On reception, Lisa started with us in the summer and can regularly be found at our Wednesbury branch, and usually one day a week at Oldbury. Also, this month, Melissa joined the Orchard family and, likewise, will most often be seen at our Oldbury and Wednesbury branches.

There is a national shortage of vet nurses and many practices rely on unqualified ‘assistants’, but at Orchard Vets we pride ourselves on having nurses with full accreditation from the  Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Consequently Paige, who is an experienced veterinary nurse, and Claire, who undertook her diploma in veterinary nursing with Solihull College and is set to complete her course at the end of the year, both joined the Orchard family over the summer and may be found at any of our three surgeries. Meanwhile we’ve been scouting trainee veterinary nurses and have taken on two from Halesowen College: Jenn who mostly works at our Oldbury branch and Lily who mostly works at Harborne.

We hope you'll join us in extending a warm welcome to all our new staff members should you find them attending you on your next visit to the practice. §