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Fireworks survey


Following a series of petitions signed by almost 750,000 people expressing concern about firework use, the government are asking for YOUR views.

Helen Jones MP, Chair of the Petitions Committee said, 'The Government believes the rules on fireworks are effective, but the law hasn’t been looked at for some time. We want to make sure the law and rules strike the right balance between respecting traditions, allowing the enjoyment of fireworks and protecting people, animals and property.'

They are asking you to complete a short survey (found here) by 26 March, and to submit your views on the questions listed below (up to 3,000 words) via their online portal by 8 April. §

Does the law provide an appropriate balance between allowing for the safe enjoyment of fireworks by the public and minimising the risk of fireworks harming people, property or animals? Examples of the sorts of things you might like to talk about in reply to this question are:

  • Are the current limits on fireworks by explosive strength appropriate?

  • Are current restrictions on public sale and use appropriate?

  • Are current restrictions on noise levels appropriate?

  • Are current age restrictions appropriate?

  • Are safety standards stringent enough? If not, how should they be strengthened?

How effectively are the existing laws enforced by local authorities, trading standards, the police and others?

  • How might this be done differently?

How do the roles of public and private firework displays differ?

  • Could public firework displays more widely fulfil the role of private displays? If not, what prevents them from doing so?

What evidence do we have about how dangerous or safe different types of firework displays—public and private—are?

  • Do we have enough data to give good answers to these questions?

How should laws around fireworks take account of the needs of particular groups such as the emergency services, retailers, cultural and religious communities, veterans, children or people with disabilities?

Should there be specific rules to protect animals?

Are the public and event organisers sufficiently aware of the necessary safety precautions when using fireworks?

  • How could awareness be improved?