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Reduce your global pawprint?


A new pet food brand has hit the market offering products based on insects! UK-based company Yora claims they can provide a delicious and healthy diet while also helping the environment.

Environmental experts have long proposed insects as a food source that can end world hunger. By contrast, meat production is damaging to the environment: for example, cattle for the beef market are fed on soya, but soybean plantations are responsible for a significant release of greenhouse gasses. Pets are estimated to consume 20% of meat produced globally.

Moreover as animal lovers we ought to be concerned that meat-based products are free range and ethically sourced. There are no such concerns with the rearing of grubs!

Insects are a good source of protein. Humans, never mind pets, have long included insects in their diet, though modern Western sensibilities have turned away from them. Dogs are omnivorous and should have no problems moving on to insect-based food, but a version for cats, who require essential amino acids found in meat and fish, is still under development.

Whether pet owners will take to this innovative initiative, however, will have to wait to be seen! §