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Big Knickers


Knickers the giant steer has become a social media sensation this week. The seven-year old Holstein Friesian stands at 1.94 metres at the shoulder making him too large for abattoir processing. Technically not a cow (steers are neutered males), Knickers has gone viral both for his size and for being saved from the butchers. He was kept as a 'coach' for the other animals on the farm to follow, and this may imply that other steers never get their chance to reach their full potential in size.

The story prompted us to look through our clinical history to see who was our biggest client. Disappointingly a cat weighing 79.8kg turned out to be a misplaced decimal point - our heaviest pets have all been dogs, with the top spot being tied between a collie cross and a Newfoundland, both weighing around 80kg (12.6 stone). Thankfully none of our pets weigh anywhere near Knickers' reported 1,400kg (220 stone), which would suggest significant dietary problems! §