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New legislation


Some important legislative changes are taking place that will affect anyone who breeds, boards, sells or provides day care for dogs in England. These regulations are about improving the welfare of animals so we would encourage both existing and potential dog owners to be aware of them.

From 1 October owners will be able to check whether boarding kennels, breeders, day-care providers, and anyone selling dogs they did not breed themselves has a licence and also the rating they have been awarded on a scale of one to five. Licences and ratings will be issued by Local Authorities. There will be financial penalties for anyone operating without a licence.

We would encourage anyone buying or selling a puppy to use the free puppy contract available online at, which will help to reduce the chance of buying a puppy from an irresponsible breeder. However if you or someone you know are thinking of buying a puppy (or indeed any pet), please come and talk to us first so that we can advise you about whether it's a good idea and help you find your ideal companion. §