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New Year resolutions for your pet


The new year can be an opportunity for all of us needing impetus to change our routines - including our pets. For example, with one in three dogs, one in four cats and one in four rabbits in the UK overweight or obese, there’s no better time for owners to commit to a new diet and exercise regime for their furry companions.

Here are five suggestions for New Year resolutions to commit to in 2018:

  1. To measure your pet's food every time. Portion control is easy with a measuring cup. The standard size is 8ozs - take the time now to check how much your pet food 'cup' really holds! Make sure you're giving them the right amount too - it'll vary depending on age, health, activity level and gender (among other things).

  2. Incorporate more playtime into your regime. Dogs love to play fetch, hide and seek (but not too hard) and to be chased. Lasers, catnip toys, crinkly balls, and climbable cat trees are feline favorites.

  3. Daily grooming. Brushing helps remove excess fur from the coat, and distribute oils from the skin to the fur, keeping it shiny and healthy. It's also a bonding activity.

  4. Daily toothbrushing. Just as with our own teeth, it's the best way to keep tartar and plaque at bay. Use a toothpaste meant for dogs and cats. Supplement with regular six-monthly check-up by one of out vets.

  5. Register your pet on our Pal For Life Health Scheme! Free treatment, vaccinations and a range of discounts make this the ideal complete health care package for your pets. Call one of our surgeries for details. §