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Dental X-rays


At Orchard vets we aim to provide the best care to all your pets. To do this we have invested in a dental X-ray service.

Why might we need to perform X-rays on your pet?

The tooth which you can see when your pet opens their mouth is only the tip of the iceberg! 60-70% of the tooth is hidden from sight: we often call this the root.

X-rays give us valuable information about each tooth and possible problems which may be occurring. X-rays help us identify root destruction and tooth root abscesses without the need for intrusive, exploratory dental surgery.

Kelly and Alan are both trained in dental X-rays and can provide this service for your pets from our Wednesbury surgery. The service is free to those on our health scheme with classic and complete care, while those with critical care receive 20% off.

If you want to discuss how to best care for your pet's teeth, give us a call to arrange a free dental check with one of our veterinary nurses. §