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Pets can give blood too


The Daily Telegraph ran a story this week on blood transfusions in Australia:

Blood donations are entering the animal kingdom after pet owners in Australia are being encouraged to allow their dogs to donate and come to the assistance of others.

It follows a successful procedure which saw two-year-old Roo donate blood to save the life of Alou.

A vet who started the canine emergency blood bank at the Canberra Veterinary Emergency Services wants to expand the service to cats and other animals.

In fact a canine blood bank service has been in operation in the UK for a decade. Launched in 2007, Pet Blood Bank UK is a charity providing a canine blood bank service for all veterinary practitioners across the UK. Similar to the human blood service, dog owners can bring along their much loved canine companions to donate at one of their many sessions across the country.

Your dog could be a donor as long as they are fit and healthy, between 1 and 8 years old, weigh more than 25kg, have a good temperament, have never travelled abroad, are vaccinated and are not currently on any medication.

To find out more, visit their website: §