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Dog's jaws glued shut


Over the last month, a message warning dog owners about Domino's Pizza leaflets has started circulating on social media. The viral Facebook post suggests that dog saliva turns glossy paper into a sort of glue. Pets can actually glue their mouths shut if they chew on one of the advertisements.

The warning is based on an actual case reported in the Mirror at the end of June (you can read the article here). A Jack Russell named Alfie in Hertfordshire ate part of a glossy junkmail leaflet that had been posted through the door. The resulting paste glued his mouth shut and had to be removed under sedation.

The case is not unique but neither is it a common occurrence. A similar incident was reported in the Telegraph in 2008. Our head nurse, Shelley, says that she has had one incident like this in her thirteen-year career. As with Alfie, Shelley's patient had to be sedated while the brochure was picked out with a needle.

Evidently glossy brochures can become papier-mache, but this requires quite a bit of chewing. There is therefore no need to panic! While Domino's say that they are investigating the incident, dog owners are encouraged not to let their pets chew through the mail. §