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Iron Man is an Orchard vet


Orchard's vet Steve recently completed an Ironman-style Triathlon with RaceNewForest in Hampshire.

The Ironman triathlon is a race in which competitors must:

  • swim 2.4 miles (3.86km)

  • ride a bicycle for 112 miles (180.25km)

  • run a marathon (26 miles; 42km)

The triathlon is run as  a race, without breaks. Each stage has a cut-off time after which slower athletes are pulled from the race: 2h20m for the swim; 8h10m for the bike ride; and 6h30m for the marathon - a total of 17 hours. Consequently just completing the course within the time limits is an achievement.

Steve managed his marathon in just 13h12m. The rest of us are exhausted just thinking about such an undertaking and we're very proud of his achievement! §