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Brush up your act!


New research from Direct Line Pet Insurance suggests that two-thirds of dog owners do not brush their dog's teeth. They found that the average Vet treats 11 cases of tooth and gum disease every week, while some vets say they see 20 or more cases!

Tooth and gum disease is easily preventable if dog owners follow simple steps including regular brushing (at least once a day - but twice a day, like we clean our own teeth, if possible), improving their dog’s diet and using dental specific food and chews if recommended by vets.

The research reveals that less than a third of dog owners brush their dog's teeth and those who do manage it, on average, just twice a week.

Vets in the survey believe the most common causes of tooth and gum disease are poor diet (42%) and owner's failing to brush their dog's teeth correctly or daily (23%). A build-up of plaque can, if left untreated, cause the gums to recede allowing bacteria into the bloodstream (a condition known as periodonitis). Obviously bacteria in the bloodstream can spread to and cause disease in other organs, including the heart.

If you are unsure how to clean your dog's teeth, or you are concerned that they may be suffering a dental health problem, then please bring your pet in to one of our surgeries for a free dental check.