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Orchard Pal for Life scheme


Since the early 1980s The Orchard Veterinary Centre has provided a safe and sure way of providing high quality, no worry, veterinary treatment with its Pal For Life scheme. Over the years more than 20,000 pets have benefited from the Scheme.

Free veterinary fees

On the Pal For Life Scheme you no longer need to worry about the cost of seeing the vet – your pet can come and see us as often as you feel necessary and there will not be any charge for the vet or nurse consultation.

Free vaccinations

Annual boosters are free for life on the scheme, with younger animals being covered for their first set of vaccinations too.

Open to all pets

Any animal that we treat can join, young or old, healthy or sick! Animals that are healthy on joining get the widest cover but all pets, even those not eligible for any form of insurance, get the main benefits on our Critical Care cover – ask for more details!

There are a number of benefits to joining our Pal For Life Scheme – All of the following are free when you join!


  • All consultations and treatment fees for illnesses and accidents

  • All operations carried out for medical reasons

  • Primary and booster vaccinations

  • Health examination on entry

  • All necessary laboratory tests, x-rays and other investigations

  • Consultations, general advice, check-ups, nail cutting and other minor procedures in the out-patient clinics

  • Identity micro-chip implants

Discounts on

  • Medicines used for treatment

  • Neutering and other non-medical operations

  • Preventative dental treatment

  • Physiotherapy and hydrotherapy

  • Medical control of breeding

  • Grooming and other non-medical procedures

  • Worm and flea treatments

  • Food and prescription diets

  • Boarding cattery fees


  • Reduced subscriptions for extra pets

  • 10% discount off renewals if your pet remains healthy

The Orchard Pal For Life Scheme is a membership scheme and NOT an insurance policy.

Prices for the Pal For Life scheme vary depending on age and species with some animals being covered for as little as £16.75 a month*

To get a quote for your pet call our reception team at your nearest branch today

Joining our Pal For Life scheme couldn’t be easier! If you’re an existing client you can call one of our friendly reception team to book in for a consultation with the vet and we will be able to pop you on the scheme at your appointment.

If you aren’t yet registered with us all we need is your previous vet history – from there we can book you an appointment to join to scheme. 

There are no complicated forms to fill in – we just require a signature and a direct debit mandate and then you’re good to go!

(*please note the price listed above is for rabbits)