Cat Friendly Clinic

Orchard Vets' Oldbury surgery has been awarded silver accreditation as a Cat Friendly Clinic by the International Society of Feline Medicine.

To achieve this international standard, veterinary practices have to meet strict criteria in the provision of facilities, skills, methods and attitudes to reduce stress in cats and promote their health and wellbeing.

Our silver accreditation demonstrates that our feline patients have top-level care in a calm, cat-friendly environment.

The unique nature of cats means that any change from their normal activity or surroundings can be very stressful and this includes visits to the vets. So Orchard Vets designed the new Oldbury surgery to make every visit as stress-free as possible for each of our cat patients.

Our cat-friendly team

  • Cat-friendly receptionists who offer guidance on stress-free visits, including advice on travelling with your cat.
  • Qualified professionals who understand the unique needs of cats and are skilled in dealing with their health problems.
  • Caring, empathetic handling of cat patients to minimise their stress levels.
  • A team of anaesthetists and nurses with specialist knowledge of cat sedation, anaesthesia and pain management.
  • Vets and nurses that keep up to date with the latest advances in feline medicine and surgery.

Our cat-friendly facilities

  • Ample and spacious off-street car parking to allow for easy and stress-free cat transport.
  • Specially designed, quiet, comfortable cat waiting room away from other animals.
  • Basket pods with blankets for your cat carriers because cats are happier and less stressed when off the ground and covered up.
  • Pheromone-releasing diffusers which have a stress-relieving effect on cats.
  • Longer appointments giving your cat time to acclimatise.
  • Two specially designed, quiet and relaxing feline consulting rooms with non-slip surfaces, so cats feel safer.  
  • Cat-friendly accommodation for hospitalised patients, away from other species, providing a secure, quiet and calm environment.  
  • Individual, spacious cat kennels with hiding places, litter trays and comfortable bedding.
  • Two fully equipped sterile operating theatres provide most routine and emergency surgical procedures in-house without the need for additional travelling.
  • Dedicated dental suite with the latest specialist x-ray and dental equipment for cats.
  • A diagnostic imaging department for feline radiography and ultrasonography.

For more information, phone the Oldbury surgery and speak to our Cat Advocate, Becky Yeomans RVN.